This letter was written to Muhibbullah Manqpûrî. It informs that it is necessary to endure the troubles caused by people:

May hamd be to Allâhu ta'âlâ and prayers be upon His beloved Prophet! I pronounce my benedictions over you and over all Muslims. My brother Muhibbullah's honourable letter has arrived here to please us very much. It is necessary to endure people's bothering you. There is nothing to do but to be patient with your relatives' hurting you. Allâhu ta'âlâ commands His Beloved Prophet and declares in Ahkâf Sûra, "As the Ulul'azm ones of the Prophets were patient, you, too, be patient! Do not hurry to pray that they be tormented!" The most useful thing to those being there is the annoyance and trouble given to them by others there. You do not wish this blessing and abstain from it. Yes, he who is used to always eating sweet things will abstain from the healing, bitter medicine. I am at a loss as to what to say about this. Translation of a Persian couplet:

Though they may be coy, those who have fallen in love
Should get used not to coyness but to adversity!

You ask for permission to move to a place called Ilâhâbâd. "... Or recommend some other place. The hardships caused by the people here have become unbearable. I will go there and breathe freely for a while," you say. Rukhsat, permission, can be given for this. But azîmat, that is, the better way, is to remain there and to be patient with and endure the difficulties. As you know, this season makes me feel enervated. That is why I write briefly. I send my salâm.